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BH-134 - SOOT - That Which Is Forbidden Will Never Be Eradicated C32

The second SOOT full length proper sees the project moving in a more realized and refined direction. Where "A General Theory..." was raw and to the point, this second outing expands upon the foundation laid out before and builds upon it with more diverse influences, more complex song structures, and better recording techniques. Eight tracks showcase a diverse set of influences; riding the line between power electronics aggression, death industrial's deep, sonorous sound and preoccupation with morbidity, the lyrical confrontation of hip hop and a vocal presence that recalls the bite of 90's hardcore and the snarl of black metal, not to mention a nod to dub production. Packaged in a DVD style clam-shell with full color digital printing for the cover as well as a small 12 page insert booklet. Comes with a small metal bird skull amulet in the case, and is finished with a black organza bag. Edition of 100 copies on dark transparent purple tapes with silver labels.