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BH-21 Wyrm - aaf C40 regular edition / lathe LP artist edition

Sparse is about the best adjective one could use to sum up this release from Allan Zane's Wyrm. Much is occupied by wind sound and silence, broken up by abrupt tones, repetitive treated industrial loops, slowly swirling electronic pools, and hollow vacuums, but somewhere hidden among all of this there is a joyous kind of beauty and celebration that will bring you back for repeated listens. Deluxe packaging, comes inside a jewelery box with a white feather, all silver paper with digital black printing for the paste on, insert, and a cross-shaped tape wrap that is tied up in a black ribbon. Stamped a-side labels by the artist, with b-side abstraction. Edition of 93 on hi-bias chrome tapes packaged in a small black box with #'ed insert and a white feather, as well as an artist edition of 23 on a clear lathe LP with a signed and #'ed insert and redesigned packaging.