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BH-28 Anakrid - Ceaselessly out of a Cloudless Sky C31

The third and final tape for Anakrid on Black Horizons. As per Mr. Bickel's usual unexpected style, expect to be surprised. The a-side is what I would come to expect from this project, an impressively composed piece of deep analogue dark ambiance, while the flip is a bit of a change up, where this project's often latent violent underpinning is fully exposed in a 15 minute piece entitled acidpianoharp, consisting of a harsh acoustic assault on the ears, thousands of tiny sounds strung together to form a swarm. Packaged in the Anakrid for BH tape style, consisting of a color transparency layered on top of various marbled pieces of paper. This time with the addition of a vertical transparent floating OBI, all held in place with rivets. Edition of 100 copies on BLACK hi bias chrome tapes. Silver labels with the Black Horizons color touch.