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BH-29 Grasslung – In Bad Fields C20

Two new tracks of brutal synth minimalism from Jonas Asher, the man behind Grasslung and also the excellent Phaserprone. This release finds him operating under a tense, fearful, and lonely sound environment, a trait hinted at on older releases, but I feel realized to an even fuller extent here. This is his first work off his own label, and the packaging was something that I felt was very important for this release in particular, given the peerless visual aesthetic the artist has already set forth; OBIs, letterpressing, diecuts, etc. All packaging is offset printed in silver ink, on metallic black cardstock. There is an OBI, with 3 asymmetric cut outs done by hand, as well as a 2-panel j-card with more curved edges. Labels are blank silver, and each copy comes with a blackened nail. Edition of 100 copies on hi-bias chrome tapes.