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BH-31 - Medroxy Progesteron Acetate - The Empty House 2xC60

Long form releases work well for Medroxy Progesterone Acetate, a project that has relocated several times from the Midwest to Oakland, and now residing in Brooklyn. Take the fried synth circuits of early Pulse Emitter, post-industrial structure, layer that into a psychedelic overload and you are starting to get at the complexity of the sounds herein. Vocal samples, and a general sense of paranoia abound, but it also has long cool stretches that are very spacey and ethereal. Packaged in a double norelco case, with full color art on 3-panel j-cards, with 4-panel inserts containing all lyrics, in silver and gold stock, to match each tape accordingly with matching silver and gold labels. Edition of 50 on hi-bias chrome tapes.