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BH-34 "Lurking In The Shadows" Army Of Lovers Tribute compilation C30

Possibly one of the strangest releases to grace Black Horizons, five bedroom black / noise / doom acts take on Swedish pop group Army Of Lovers, each doing a cover. Opening with the fingernails to the chalkboard that is Deadravenchoir, blackened folk racket, followed by Josh Lay doing a creepy surreal interpretation that is peerless in style, black-noise pop? Ending the first side is Gnaw Their Tongues, whose black metal riffs are so distorted that they are nothing more than background texture to the shrieks and growls. Opening up the second side is Persistence In Mourning, who lay down a thick track of sample-ridden doom, and closing with the always beyond dreary Wolfmangler, appropriately Smolken's final track, "Carry My Urn To Ukraine", for Wolfmangler, and "Crucified" for Deadravenchoir. Comes packaged with a black vinyl glove, a two-panel insert, horizontal and vertical slips all in metallic green cardstock with black and red offset printing. Hi-bias chrome tapes with silver labels. Edition of 100 copies.