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BH-37 Aemae – And Tongueless, I Can Conjure You At Will C20

Over the last few years Brandon Nickel has been honing his sound and making a name for himself with the, as of recent, very impressive Isounderscore label. Not afraid to embrace technology, Aemae sounds is at times restrained, and at times a whirling maelstrom of ones and zeros, yet always carefully constructed, each release taking months of editing and re-editing. Here the sound falls into the later, more intense mode of Aemae, and a fitting way to retire the name, as Mr. Nickel is using his own name to perform under. Comprised of edited live material, yet the heightened composure is still evident. The a-side is a lot of gear, screaming at each other more or less really, digital mulch. The flip offers a slightly more restrained sound, and could be visually compared to a sheer obsidian cliff on a foreign planet where the air is ten times the density of our own planet, the geological formation slowly rising along the horizon until it falls off the edge. Silver offset ink on metallic black stock, 2-panel j-card. Edition of 111 copies on hi-bias chrome tapes.