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BH-38 Hey Collossus / Field Boss split 7'

Black Horizons is proud to have a hand in this release with At War with False Noise and Crucificados Pel Sistema, offering a brief introduction to some of what is currently going on in the UK, as well as a throwback to the glory days of split label split 7"s, true underground cooperation. Hey Collosus may already be known to fans in the US, after some great releases under their belt, and Field Boss hits in a heavy and troubling way. Not to be missed for fans of The Melvins, MITB, and Burmese.

From Cucificados Pel Sistema:

"After a lengthy delay, this is finally out. UK'S Hey Colossus are the prolific outfit making relentlessly pummelling krautrocking doom, sludge, stoner stuff in suitably drunken fashion. They cover an Andre Williams song this time round and it rules. Field Boss are the artists formerly known as Tractor, forced to change their name because some silly 70s rock band thinks a horrible trio from Bristol will damage their reputation. and are a Bristol, UK trio making horrific brainscrape sludge, noiserock. "Headache" is just that, six and a bit minutes of drone, crash and arrgggh. This is limited to 300 on black vinyl, with sweet screenprinted 3-panel silver on black sleeves."

Hey Colossus:
Field Boss: