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BH-41 Hoor Paar Kraat - Chorea C20

Hoor Paar Kraat has been churning out quality releases for sometime, usually very limited and hand-made, containing some of the most mysterious sounds. This release starts off with a bit of a racket, a concrete assemblage of rapid-fire acoustic sounds, falling into off-kilter and violent patterns, before relaxing, but not much, for a more subdued b-side, which tends to reveal Hoor Paar Kraat's darker qualities.

This release has personal meaning to the artist, Anthony has the following to say about it, " (n): Any of various disorders of the nervous system marked by involuntary, jerky movements, especially of the arms, legs, and face, and by incoordination. Inspired by a flawed genetic history and it's effect on a blood-line, Chorea is a look into involuntary repetitive motions, rigidity and breaking down of mental faculties caused by a dehumanizing condition, once thought to be the product of possession and madness. Dedicated to the memory of Anthony Mangicapra and all of those who've suffered the same horrific and humiliating existence. "

Packaged in an exterior black slip, with a silver ink on black stock j-card and eight inserts. Also includes a black envelope, containing a razor blade. The envelope is signed, numbered in roman numerals, and thumb stamped by the artist in gold ink. Edition of 100 in black hi-bias chrome tapes with gold labels.