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BH-42 - Aleph Naught - La Conjuration Sacree C40

A beautiful line of distant, sorrowful piano ushers you into a frigid landscape of haunting feedback, somber, reflective drone and electronic tension on "Let the Corpse of Mind Lie Unburied at the Edge of The Great Sea", which manages to pull off a tone of ritualism while still using some abrupt, concrete arrangements. "L'acephale" brings more dark and ancient ambiance that would suit well as a backdrop to sacrifice, the nod to Bataille becoming all the more relevant. Subtle, intellectual, yet intensely dark sounds here. Hailing from the unexpected location of Honduras, and having worked with a solid roster of labels thus far, Aleph Naught finds a welcome home in the Black Horizons Catalogue. Edition of 84 copies, on hi-bias white tapes donated by Mr. Bickel. Full-color 3-panel J-card on metallic vellum.